Friday, November 21, 2014

Hi Guys:
Things have been so hectic around here what with my daughter's Chemo rotations and subsequent daily things that need to be done. I am blessed to be able to be with my child and help her through this time. She has an awesome husband and son who stand beside her. Our holidays are going to be difficult as she is in the hospital for 6 day 24 hour a day chemo and then feels very weak when she is released. We are now getting ready next week for the 4th rotation. Please continue your prayers!

I have found that it is difficult to transport craft supplies to a different home all the time, so last Saturday I took a class in Zentangle! Oh my gosh, I love, love, love it! I've improved since the first one on the 15th, to this one that I did last night the 20th while waiting for my grandson at Karate.
So easy, pen, pencil and paper. That is it! I can't tell you how stress relieving it is.

Hope you enjoy this new art form. Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your families. Life can change in a moment!

Love you all and thanks for dropping by.  Rozy


  1. You are really doing a superb job with this technique.

  2. Love this, Rozy!! Amazing what you are doing after only a week...